Houston Astros Game

Discussion created by rstewart on Apr 9, 2013

Back in 1994 when I was in High School my high school Quiz Bowl team won the regionals and were sent to Houston Texas and Rice University for the national championships.

I was never a big baseball fan.  In fact quite frankly I find it boring to watch on tv.  It's slow moving and a lot of games would put me to sleep.  On this trip, however, Texaco was the big sponsor of the national quiz bowl championships and as an owner of the Houston Astros they sent all of the contestants to an Astros game that was playing the first night of the competition.

The game was far more interesting and exciting in person than it ever was on tv (despite us being put in the nose bleed section.  Hey how can you argue with a free ticket, food, and transportation).


This showed me why it's America's Past Time.  (Although I still find it much more boring on tv than in person )