T-Ball Moves

Discussion created by vctraveling on Apr 9, 2013

Back when I was a boy, I played T-ball in a small town.  The field was named after the local Dr. that had served the town for so long.  There were only two fields and everyone from town usually attended the games just because it was "the" thing to do during the summer.  Now I did not play baseball very long but I did play up to Little League.  My grandparents and mother played golf so eventually I switched to that.  But during my time on the field I did do something that to this day I do not know how I instantly came up with the idea.  I came up to the plate to bat and I must have set up in such a way the other coach directed all of his outfielders and infield to rotate that way.  When I was about to hit the ball it just came to me to switch my position in the batter's box and hit the ball in the complete opposite direction.  It is probably my one and only home run in baseball and it sticks with me to this day as a memory however faded.  Just goes to show you even us mighty T-ball players can sport some nifty moves!