1993 was the year

Discussion created by daveman on Apr 9, 2013

Growing up, the Phillies had always been a bad team since I was 4 years old.  I don't know if they had ever had a winning record.  The idea of them winning anything was ridiculous.  In 1993 everything changed.  Seemingly out of nowhere, they became a good team.  They had characters too.  I was in sleep away summer camp at the time, and I'd sneak out my radio when the counselors weren't there, and listen to the games late at night.  Although they typically ended at 10P.M. or so, that year there were several games that went to 11,12, or even 2AM.  They had 49 extra innings that year. I have fond memories of listening to those games, in that magical year where all of the sudden they didn't stink.