Meeting my hero, years after the fact.

Discussion created by osprey6 on Apr 9, 2013

I have always loved going to a bsall game.  There was something magicval about how the grass spread out in front of you, being in the cheap seats without a care in the world.  In college, my favorite player was Doug Drabek of the Pirates. He never showed up his opponent, He just went out and produced, start after start.  Like so many other players he left the team for more money, and we didn't hear much of him after that.  Well that was in 1993.  Fast forward to 2006 when the Pirates were hosting the All-Star game and I volunteered to go out to the airport to meet people coming in for a corporate event.  One of the people on my list was none other than... Mr. Drabek himself.  When he showed up, years after the fact.I really had to control myself from gushing, but i just thought of the wonderful memories from way back when...