Discussion created by nancy_east on Apr 9, 2013

I signed up to play on my middle school's softball team when I was in sixth grade.  While practicing one day in my yard, my youngest brother, who was three years old at the time, snuck up beside me while I was at bat with my other brother pitching to me.  I swung with all my might and clocked my baby brother in the head!  Terrified, we ran him to our neighbor's house who was a physician, because I was babysitting both my younger siblings, when this happened.  Thankfully, the neighbor/doctor declared him injury free with the exception of a goose egg.  Sadly, I struck out again that day as he snuck up yet again beside me and was clocked on the other side of his head (and again, was okay with the exception of a second "goose egg!")  I cringe to this day thinking about the damage I could have done to him (twice) and how thankful I am that he was okay!!