Baseball memories from another era

Discussion created by travel2lv on Apr 9, 2013

Having grown up in Hawaii, I really wasn't exposed to much professional baseball.  I remember going to the old Hawaii Islanders games.  They were a AAA farm league team of the San Diego Padres.  It was lots of fun and I grew to appreciate that the games were a great value for family fun.  When I went away to college in California, I was able to attend many California Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers games, before there was interleague.  I remember how living in the So California area during baseball season was interesting in that the Dodgers or Angels were always scheduled at home, opposite of each other.  ie if the Dodgers were on the road, the Angels were home. 


The value was in the tickets.  i could buy a five dollar seat in the nose bleed section and way seven innings of competition.  You could always count on large crowds whenever the Yankees or Red Sox came to town.  I watched Bob Boone, Wally Joyner, etc play many games at the Big A.  I have since moved back to Hawaii, but try to catch a game whenever I go back to visit the area, or anytime I'm on the mainland during baseball season.