Cool Baseball Nickname

Discussion created by nbuchan1 on Apr 9, 2013

Baseball was the first organized sport I ever played.  I loved every second of being on the field.  When I first started playing little league the coaches would pitch to their own team.  It was called coach pitch.  It's the step between tee ball and kids pitch.  The coach wasn't allowed to play defense on the field so a kid always got to stand beside the coach and play defense while he pitched.  This was a dangerous position because you were so close to the plate.  It was the only defensive position that was required to wear a helmet.  This was my position.  I got hit by so many balls because I played so close to the plate.  Even though the hits hurt I always kept playing.  One day my coach told me I was "as though as nails." He gave me the nick name "nails" and it has stuck ever since! This is one of my fondest baseball pastime memories!