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42Story - First Baseball game

Question asked by myriamvanzeebroeck on Apr 9, 2013

Having grown up in Belgium, I never saw a baseball game, I mean not on TV or in person, until well after I moved to the US.  Even then, it was more than a decade before I could be convinced to see a game with such complex rules.  What struck me most about my first game was not the rules, as I still did not have a good understanding of how to play the game.  It was the beauty of the field, the bright green grass, what seemed like polished glass sand.  The color of a baseball field is so clear and bright.  It is a view that a first time adult will not forget.

The second most memorable part of my first game was the fans and how long one of these games actually took to finish. It does not matter what the score was or who was playing
my first game was like going to live theatre.