Catching the Hit

Discussion created by karlostroski on Apr 9, 2013

The earliest memory I have of baseball is being at a game with my dad and brother.  It was Milwaukee's County Stadium, and the Brewer's were our team.  I was taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the stadium, and enjoying my well deserved hot dog a few innings in.  After a while my brother and I got tired and took a turn on our dad's lap.  Just a few pitches later the batter got a hit - and it was coming to our section!  With fresh excitement my brother and I lifted up our junior-sized gloves to catch it, watching it go over our heads to a few rows behind us.  Our disappointment then went to our dad.  "Why didn't you stand-up to catch it?", not realizing that he would have dropped two young fans from his lap to the ground in process.  Once the obvious entered our minds our excitement for the game continue.  While I don't remember much of that game, and couldn't tell you who won, to this day I at each game I get excited when I hear the bat smack the ball, hoping that one day I'll catch that hit.