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Redeeming Rewards/Exec Lounge Pointless !

Question asked by mikemurphy on Apr 9, 2013

I was recently at London County Hall and was told that my 2 kids could not go into the exec lounge on their own as they were under 18 (i get that...and it's fine).


But to get kicked out later (embarrassed as it was full of ppl !) it makes the rewards benefit of an exec lounge access pointless.  Rewards, for me at least, is for my 'off-work' opportunity to get the family away as a "reward"....thats the point for me.  It was Easter btw, so a hotel should expect ppl like me to be on a break with the family !


Quote "the kids are not welcome in the lounge" is a poor way to impart a message.  So we all  left.....suffice to say that i wont be staying at County Hall again.  Have already stayed at Park Plaza Riverbank down the road who are happy for the kids to be in the exec lounge.


Is it me ?


Spud (plat elite)