Discussion created by dml on Apr 9, 2013

The best baseball story is watching four year olds playing T-ball at the local community recreation facility. Watching the young kids playing for the first time is both heartening and comedic. We have one little girl on our team full of heart and she completely holds her own. You can clearly identify her by her pink bat and pink helmet. But don't be fooled she is ready, willing and definitely able. She swings once, she swings twice, she swings trice.....don't worry this is T-ball everyone hits eventually. One her fourth swing, crack, you hear and as a bird frightened from the grasp of a striking alligator the ball soars away.

And there is the boy who sees his classmate on the opposing team. He drops his gloves, he drops his bat and runs and hugs his opponent. One in blue and one in red. No worries this is managed chaos. Hey what about that kid in the outfield.....Get the Ball!....Get the Ball!...The kid in the outfield is busy making his sand castle and will not be bothered which such trivial things.

Whats the score says grandpa as he comes in. No Grandpa we don't keep score here. What type of **** is that he shouts! No Grandpa this is learning the fundamentals. Grandpa sighs and keeps score in his head. That's all right, most parents do.

And what about the over zealous dad shouting from the stands! He is now living vicariously through his four year old. Hit is hard he shouts, Hit it hard! The boy swings and plunk, right to the ground. RUN ! RUN! RUN! He screams. Everyone is giving him the eye.

At the end all is well and everyone is a winner.

Snack time! No my son can't have that he is allergic to food coloring. No my son can't have that he can a peanut allergy. Oh my gosh that is just too much sugar. OK, Carrots and Water it is....