Dodger Stadium story 1988

Discussion created by hersheyrue on Apr 9, 2013

42story My son and I were lucky enough to attend the first game of the 1988 World Series, a night game played at Dodger Stadium.  It was our first time at a World Series game even though I had tried to get World Series tickets since 1959, the first year the LA Dodgers were in it.  My wife was lucky enough to get four tickets.  She gave me two of the tickets, and at her insistence, chose our older son to go with me rather than her.   She graciously gave the other two tickets to her business partner.  When we arrived at our seats, we saw that these other two seats were taken by my wife's business partner's wife and their son.  It was going to be a memorable game for sure.  Well, our seatmates turned out to be non-baseball fans and weren't really pleased to be there but had gone because they were forced to by my wife's business partner.  But with such a game being played, surely anyone, fan or no fan would have to get caught up in the excitement.  But not really.  Of course, the rest is history.  Kirk Gibson hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th to win it and this became the most memorable moment in Dodger history.  My son and I, along with 50,000 other fans went crazy.  As for our acquaintances next to us, they left in the bottom of the 7th and missed the whole thing.  And, not to dwell on this, they got in a traffic accident on the way home.  It is amazing how two sets of two seats at the same baseball game can lead to such different endings.  Our love of the game and, of course, the "never give up" attitude resulted in one very happy ending that we will never forget.  The other ending, well, look 180 degrees in the other direction. They don't even know what they missed.  42story