His Homerun, My Joy!

Discussion created by jenale on Apr 9, 2013

When my son was finally old enough to play baseball with our local little league, I eagerly put him in. As most parents of little leaguer's know, it is time consuming to run your young one to practice and games, several times a week. Then most of the time the kids have lost focus and are playing in the dirt, spinning on bases, picking flowers in outfield. In Texas, our practices get hot, almost doesn't matter what time of day it is. So much sacrifice for our little ones, who almost seem to rather be at the playground across from the fields. As my son hit the ball, he seemed confused on what to do, everyone yelled for him to run to first. So he hurried over and stood there waiting. As every team mate took the plate and hit a ball, still seemingly confused he ran from base to base, when told. Then he finally made it home! That's when it happened. Everyone yelled and cheered for him and his face lit up with pure happiness, he wasn't confused, because he knew he had done something good, he made it home! I was filled with joy and gave him thumbs up! He smiled and gave me a thumbs up, back.