Little League Baseball story

Discussion created by temoibarra on Apr 9, 2013

One found memory I have is when I was in Little League in 6th grade.  The team I was on had played together the previous year and we decided to keep the same team in tact.  So we started into the season and game by game, we were winning and winning.  We were winning at the last at bat, ending games with double plays, it was just surreal for us.  We played our 15 game season and we were undefeated. Our team was selected to represent our home town of Duncan, Oklahoma in the South west Oklahoma district.  We won the first two.  We were in the semi finals game, bases loaded, last inning, we were down by 2 runs, I got up to bat, I let the first pitch go by - strike.  The 2nd pitch came and I hit it with the end of my bat, a line drive straight at the pitcher and I thought it was over, but I kept running through first.  I turned back and I see the pitcher on the ground and my teammates reaching home.  The ball had hit the pitcher's foot and while he was down we were able to score 3 runs in and win the game.  It felt unreal.  Unfortunately, we were beat in the final game.