Danger in the outfield

Discussion created by experiential on Apr 9, 2013

Today, I was reminded of the first baseball game I ever attended.  Our family was visiting friends in Baltimore, and we all decided to catch an Orioles game.  It was a big game against the Yankees, and everyone was charged to cheer on players and support the team.  One of our family friends had invited an acquaintance, John, who was apparently a die-hard fan of Baltimore's team.  He was extremely quite until the game began and the Yankees took to the outfield.  We were 2 rows back, directly to the side of the left field player.  Out of no where, John began shouting profanity and insults while maintaining amazing historical accuracy.... referencing the player's stats and mistakes made in prior games.  Inning after inning, John berated the fielder with insults to body image and intelligence.


The left fielder surely heard every word, we couldn't have been more than 20 feet away, but showed no sign of anger or distraction...he was focused.  He had learned to blow off insults, focus on the most important issue at hand (the game),and to deal with heckling as a Taoist deals verbal abuse.  I was inspired by the players strength, focus, and dedication to baseball.  It was a game I will never forget.