Baseball Armor

Discussion created by fwdcypher on Apr 9, 2013

When I was in elementary school, I played for several years in little league. I wasn't particularly good at batting, nor at catching a ball. I used to always catch with the palm section of the glove instead of the extended webbing portion, which caused my hand to often sting in the unfortunate situation that I actually caught the ball. But worst of all was my eternal fear of being hit by the baseball. To this date, I feel that I would have been ten times better at playing baseball if I were allowed to wear heavy armor. Whenever I was up for bat, the pitcher would always be successful at intimidating me with his squints, mentally assuring me that the ball had my death warrant written on it. I always felt that if I were allowed to wear heavy head-to-toe armor, I would be able to forget my fear of the ball, slam it with amazing precision, strip off the armor in a second and blast my way through the bases for glorious, eternal home runs. In fact, I would be so ready to slug that thing that I would surely become a hall of famer. My biggest regret is not having a coach who could attack my weakness and help me to overcome my fear.