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International Baseball Association baseball popular in the Americas and Asia, including South Korea, Taiwan, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Japan (the Japanese name of the baseball "baseball" in the Chinese world also use), although the 120 Member States,Venezuela, Cuba.

Than the popularity of baseball in Europe and Africa to the Netherlands, Italy and South Africa. Dutch team had won the 2011 Baseball World Cup champion.

Also why the International Olympic Committee recognized the global popularity of baseball is too low, and Major League Baseball players can not compete. Decides that the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro to the temporary closure of a baseball game.

In order to return to the Olympics, baseball and softball from all walks of life actively running efforts. Finally got the International Olympic Committee in July 2010, included in the 2020 Olympic candidate projects.

At the same time, the International Baseball Association decided to adjust the international competition system. Replace the Baseball World Cup, World Baseball Classic Baseball is the highest level international competitions. 2012 International Baseball Federation and the International Softball Federation also decided to merge the establishment of a new sports federations. The future of baseball and softball will be a single item in the Olympic Games. Major League initially agreed to allow players to participate in the Olympic Games. The details of the above two changes is still under negotiation.