Introduction to Baseball

Discussion created by pmat2009 on Apr 9, 2013

It was a hot summer afternoon. I had just spent past couple of hrs in the neighborhood park trying to initiate my 5 yr old son to America's favorite pass time - baseball.

He showed very little interest in the game, and worst, he showed no skills at catching or throwing a ball. I could see my dreams of my son making it big in major league shattering.

And, I was helpless.


"It's so boring!!!", he complained.

"Can I eat some ice cream instead?", he pleaded.


Finally, I gave up. We had ice cream and went home.

My wife had just put the baby down for her nap. She understood what it meant to a father that his son can't throw a ball.

I was tired. I took a nap.


I wake up to find my son and wife with their favorite video game console playing .... baseball.

My son came running to me.... "Dad, did you know there is a mercy rule in baseball?".

"Mom is so bad at it, we had to use mercy rule. Let me see if you can beat me!!".