Home Run With Dad Watching

Discussion created by zbmedina on Apr 9, 2013

Always being a mediocre baseball player I was determined to get better one season when I was about 11 years old.  So I began my quest to hit the batting cages as often as I could and try to do extra push ups and sit ups at home.  It paid off and I became a better hitter and started to hit home runs.  However, I never hit one with my dad present at the game because he worked nights.  My dad loved baseball and could watch any game at Dodger's stadium, little league park, or on TV, all day every day.  He always attended every one of my games that he could but every home run that I hit was when he was at work.  Then one weekend evening game, another parent made the comment to him that I couldn't hit a home run when my father was present.  He agreed that the other parent might be right and it was immediately following that comment that I belted my furthest home run that I had ever hit.  It not only went over the fence but past a walking trail and into the park barn where it was not retrievable.  That home run was for him and he still talks about it 20 years later.