Discussion created by sillyboy on Apr 9, 2013

When he was 33 years old, and I was 3, my dad died.  I don't remember him at all.  As a result, we never got to do the things most boys do with their dads.  But, Dad came from a large family including 8 brothers and a sister and most of them lived in the same town.  My uncles pitched in and often invited me to go with them and their sons doing guy stuff -- playing ball, fishing, and being role models.  But, my uncle Kenny was the closest to my father's age, and the one I most bonded with.  He served as a substitute dad to me and taught me to play baseball and football and to help out my mom.  I'm grateful to Uncle Kenny for being there when I needed him and stepping in to try and fill the gap.  Although I never knew my dad, Uncle Kenny is the kind of nice family guy I imagine my father would be if he were here.  Thanks, Uncle Kenny.