Adversity in Little League

Discussion created by bayerndreamin12 on Apr 9, 2013

Growing up, my dad was very supportive of my involvement in baseball. I enjoyed the sport but was committed to soccer and track as well. One of the nice attributes of the baseball league I played in was that  my team was able to keep a similar roster season after season despite our team name changing. The season that my team was the Athletics was an amazing season. We did not have all the talent like the other teams how had high school varsity players, but what we did have was camaraderie and heart. I remember two events that season that were really special. We managed to stay in the top 3 of the league and it was nearing tournament time. We were playing the Devil Rays, and devised a trick play when the bases were loaded with two outs, whereby the pitcher gave the ball to our third baseman and pretended to have it in the possession of his glove. Once the runners had taken a lead off of the bases, our third baseman walked over to the runner on third and tagged him out. We ended up winning that game and I remember how furious the other coach was because his team certainly had the edge going into the game, yet they were not victorious in the end. Personally, when it came to tournament time, we had to play the Cardinals. A close friend of mine and former teammate was the pitcher for them. I had a 3-2 count in extra innings and although I was not the best hitter, somehow I manged to hit a little dink over the second basemen, enough to score an RBI and win the game, advancing us in the tournament. Those little league days are certainly special because of these memories that seem that so easily could have gone the other way and thus be long forgotten. I am thankful for the opportunity to have played baseball as a child, and hope one day my children will have the same opportunity to be challenged and overcome obstacles that come with the game of baseball.