Discussion created by worldwanderlusting on Apr 9, 2013

I was 14 and could have recited Jose Canseco's previous 3 years stats by memory.  My aunt got me tickets the the Mariners vs. Athletics game, strategically positioning us in right field.  W arrived early as the Athletics were warming up and I seized the opportunity.  Joining a group of anxious fans in leaning over the wall, I yelled vociferously for my favorite player to come over and sign my baseball.  After a few minutes, he finally relented and approached the group.  I held out my ball and sharpie, hopes high, and begged him with my eyes. But his eyes never met mine.  They were fixed on two particular fans who joined me in the ruckus. They happened to be beautiful 17 year-old girls.  He signed their baseballs and asked them questions, never turning his attention to me, or anyone else for that matter.  He went back to his practice.


I cheered for the Mariners, and never again for Jose Canseco.