Twister In The Outfield

Discussion created by tennpoke on Apr 9, 2013

At 11 years old i was playing center field in Oklahoma City. It was a windy night and a storm was obviously rolling in. There was all of the standard noise of the ballpark on a spring Oklahoma day wind, public address announcer, kids playing on the side fields, etc...  As the weather got closer we were rushing to get the game completed in time with . All of a sudden the air went still and quiet and there was dead silence as I looked in from center field. All of a sudden I see a mother in the bleachers stand up, point right behind me and scream "Tornado"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I turn around and sure enough, right on the ground about 100 yards behind me was a small tornado making its way across the unused football field and heading straight for center field. Luckily, our baseball fields were built in the early 1970's. So, the dugouts weren't just the fence cages you see today. They were sunk in to the ground 3 or 4 feet and made of cinder blocks, we all ran (players, coaches, parents, siblings, umpires) as quickly as possible and dove into the dugouts as the twister made its way onto the diamond. To our relief it was short-lived and the funnel cloud left the ground before it left the outfield.  As you might expect, the game was called "complete" and we all got to our vehicles and left for the safety of more permanent structures as soon as possible.