42 Story    A breath of Freedom

Discussion created by sapman on Apr 9, 2013

Back in the early 60s, life as a teenager in Berlin, Germany was interesting with new opportunities at every corner.  But the "states side" memories kept one longing to get back.


Our Army school was the focal point of social lives, meeting new friends and keeping a sense of being an American.  During the summer, we had a baseball team.


Smashing a double or catching a deep fly ball to center kept us interested in the game.  However, just playing ball brought us back "states side" just as if we were sliding in the dirt on some field in rural Iowa.  Even the German fans who stopped by to see this complicated game would root us on as if they really knew what it was all about.  Hot dogs, sodas, and maybe even some beer rounded out the effect.  The kids on the diamond were just being typical Americans in their own little world - all caught up in the game without a thought about the cold war centered within a few miles away.


No, the game was not a great showing of altheticism.   No super all stars on the field who were trying to move on to the big leagues.  Just a few kids, reliving their experiences from the States and "back home' for a few hours, away from being behind the iron curtain.  Home truly is where the heart is.