A gracious gesture by future Hall-of-Famer Tim Raines

Discussion created by kestolle on Apr 9, 2013

Having grown up just an hour south of Montreal, my parents would bring me to Expos games every summer.  One of their most exciting players at the time was Tim Raines, one of the best leadoff hitters and base stealers to every play for the Expos.  I was a big Tim Raines fan, so after one particular game, my dad brought me to the area where fans waited in line for autographs.  Being an incredibly shy 6-year old at the time, I became increasingly nervous as I got closer to the front of the line.  I could see Tim Raines signing autographs, and though I badly wanted one, I was too shy to speak to him so I got out of line and sat on a nearby bench crying to my dad.  When the person who had been behind me in line got to the front, he told Tim Raines what happened and pointed in my direction.  My favorite player walked left the autograph area, walked over to the bench where I was sitting with my dad, and offered me his autograph.  It was an incredibly thoughtful and gracious gesture and one I'll never forget.Montr