Greg Maddux Strikeout 3,000

Discussion created by zdh17788 on Apr 9, 2013

My second most memorable baseball memory also came at Wrigley Field.  I remember it was in the middle of July 2005 and I get a call from my dad telling me he got tickets to the Cubs/Giants game that evening since I was in town.  Greg Maddux was within 5 strikeouts of 3,000.  I happened to be in Chicago on business, but recall several occasions growing up that my dad would plan trips to Chicago around when he thought Greg Maddux would be pitching in June or July based on the pitching rotation in April.  It turned out that weather was not on our side that evening as it rained hard through the afternoon delaying the game several hours.  It wasn't until around 10 p.m. CST that the game resumed and it was close to midnight before Omar Vizquel stepped up to bat.  He was a switch hitter and stepped into the left-hand hitting batters box.  At this point Maddux was one strike out away so the remaining faithful that stayed through the rain delays were on their feet for every pitch.  The amazing part of this situation is that since there were so few people that stuck around, every cheer and scream could be heard very clearly.  Most of the fans had moved down to the lower level and filled in open seating.  Once Vizquel fell behind in the count with two strikes, I heard a guy a few rows back scream out "breeze him with a 2 seamer on the corner".  This actually got a half smile from Vizquel as he stepped into the box.  That pitch was a fastball low and away for a ball.  Then on the next pitch Maddux gets number 3,000 on... a 2 seam fastball that started in on Vizquel and came back just enough to catch the corner for a called third strike.