My son catches a high foul ball at a Cleveland Indians game

Discussion created by markbankert on Apr 9, 2013

One of the greatest experiences I've had with my oldest son, Joel, was when he and I went to see "his" Toronto Blue Jays play at "our" Cleveland Indians when he was 16 years old.  We had seats along the third base line and Joel brought his glove, just in case.  We talked about how it would be cool if he would catch a foul ball. Well, wouldn't you know, late in the game, a Blue Jays player hit an extremely high foul ball.  I said, "hey, it's coming somewhat this way".  Then, I said, "hey, it's coming real close to us."  Then, I said, "hey, it's coming down right at us!  Stick up your glove".  Well, Joel stood up and stretched out his glove, just slightly higher than those around us who were also reaching up, and caught that ball from out of the sky just like a major leaguer.  The crowd gave a great round of applause at Joel's catch.  So, he stood back up and took a bow for those around us.  He was so proud.  And so was I.  It was a "father and son" night we'll never forget.