Baseball is awesome #42story

Discussion created by hotskichic24 on Apr 9, 2013

I grew up watching every Pirates game with my Dad. I was a young girl, but I always enjoyed those games and the time we all spent together as a sister, dad, and mom. We would go to Pittsburg, which was about 1 1/2 hours from our house, and watch games. Those are some nice memories of us all being a happy family and enjoying our time together. I plan to do the same with my children, when I actually have some. Those memories will be with me forever and I could not think of anything that I would rather do as a little girl, but go to the ballpark with my family. Eat popcorn, hot dogs, and drink soda. It was always so much fun to be with all the other people and everyone was always so nice and happy just being at the game. 42story