Baseball and Dad- My Favorite Past Time

Discussion created by kt729 on Apr 8, 2013
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I grew up watching baseball with my dad. While other girls were busy picking dandelions in the outfield, my dad would hit ground balls at my sister and me, encouraging us to "keep the ball in front of us" or have us practice that head first slide.  He taught us to love the game. We would watch baseball on TV, and Dad would "score" the game from home. My sister and I were responsible for maintaining the scorecard when Dad had to run to the bathroom or grab more snacks.


I learned to love the game. Shortly after graduating college, I followed my dad and my uncle to an out of town MLB ballpark because I just loved watching the game. I realized how much fun it was visiting ballparks and exploring a new city. A couple years later when I had saved up some money, I surprised my dad with a Father's Day trip to a new out of town ballpark (Thanks, Mom for keeping Dad's calendar free that day!). It was a day trip- we flew in and out of Chicago the same day, and we both had such a wonderful time. It's now our tradition. I look forward to planning that trip with Dad and making that Father's Day baseball trip each year.