As Luck Would Have It

Discussion created by dougw13 on Apr 8, 2013

I remember one of the first years that I coached coach-pitch baseball having a little boy named Hunter on my team that had never played baseball before. Hunter would swing as hard as he could at every pitch and seemed to never make contact except for maybe a foul every once in a while that excited everyone that was hoping for a hit. As they were playing one night, the kids on the other team began to play in the dirt and got distracted by everything else going on except for Hunter batting, after all he hadn't hit the ball before so they didn't expect him to ever hit it. He swung hard at each pitch and they became less involved with each whiff that he made. Finally, he swung as hard as he could and way too early but he swung all of the way around. As his body twisted, the bat came back around a second time and the end of the bat hit the ball. The other kids laughed at him and he looked at me as the first base on what to do. I looked and noticed that the ball had stayed fair and was still laying on the field so I motioned, without making a big fuss, for him to come to me. He walked to me at first base and said "I'm sorry Coach." That's when I whispered and told him to stand on the bag. The boy playing pitcher had picked up the ball but never threw it because, after all, Hunter had walked to first. Once he stepped on first the umpire yelled out "Safe!" That's when the other team realized that the ball had actually been "live" the whole time. Hunter was happy as could be and in the spirit of coach-pitch, the other coaches didn't argue the call. As we started to leave the game that night, one of the kids on the other team made fun of Hunter and told him that he got lucky. Hunter looked at him and said "I might not can hit but at least I know when a ball is a hit." I just lowered my cap and kept walking.