My Son's First Year In Baseball

Discussion created by dougw13 on Apr 8, 2013

I remember the first year that my son played baseball (t-ball), he was only three. It was real hot at one of the games so he had been drinking a lot that day. I was sitting in the stands watching because I didn't want to put pressure on him the first year by me being his coach. The game was in the third inning when he looked up in the stands from his shortstop position and yelled "Hey Daddy! I gotta pee!" The coaches didn't realize the importance of this because he never told anyone that he had to go to the bathroom unless he couldn't wait any longer. I immediately jumped up and tried to run around the dugout to get him off the field. By the time I had gotten around the dugout and to the gate I noticed that I was too late. My son hadn't wet his pants but instead had decided to drop his shorts and relieve himself still standing at shortstop. Needless to say there were a lot of gasps and such but all was considered fine in everyone's eyes when my son looked at me and yelled "It's ok Daddy! I already went!" The rest of the season the coaches made it a point to ask my son if he needed to use the bathroom, between each and every inning.