Inside Baseball

Discussion created by ykwan on Apr 8, 2013

I had always thought that baseball was boring. What's so great about some guys hitting a ball and running around a diamond of dirt? It wasn't until my sister dragged me out to AT&T Park (known as PacBell Park when I went ten years ago) for my first Giants game that I realized why baseball is America's pastime. It's a different experience to be sitting next to the field than in front of the TV. The crack of the bat, the smell of overpriced concessions, the screaming fans, and the eager kids leaning over the barrier in the hopes that they'll catch a ball or get the attention of a star player -- these are things that you can't quite experience while sitting on your couch. And no one quite understands the difference it until they've seen a game on the field. This first-time experience at the ballpark sent me into a spiral of black and orange frenzy, which led to many days and nights at the ballpark, a chance to meet the great Barry Bonds himself, and uncountable cherished memories. Because of this, I stepped into Junior Giants, the SF Giants-sponsored community youth baseball league, and am now coaching young children to not only play baseball and learn life lessons but also to discover a love for baseball like I did over a decade ago with my sister in the stands of the ballpark.