Little League Baseball Star

Discussion created by lone6star on Apr 8, 2013

When my son was younger, we used to go to all of his little league games.  My son wasn't the power hitter on the team, but he was an excellent defensive player, which made him to be the starting shortstop.  One game we were at of his, there was no score late in the game and my son came up to bat.  He surprised everyone by bunting the ball down the third base line.  As he ran to first base, the third baseman picked up the ball and threw it over the first basemen's head and into right field.  My son rounded first and never stopped running, past second base and towards third base.  The ball was eventually picked up by the first basemen, but he threw the ball wildly past the third basemen, at which point my son rounded third base and scored safely at home plate.  It turned out to be the only run in the game, and the team went wild.  It was the only home run he ever had, and a memory that we will never forget.