42 Story-  A unrelated baseball story

Discussion created by jep on Apr 8, 2013

Growing up in NYC in the shadow of Yankee Stadium my brother and I became Yankee fans at birth. My dad was a Brooklyn Dodger fan until they left for LA. In  June 1961 my mother was having lunch in the Stage Deli in NY. The two people behind her were constantly getting interupted during their meal. My mother asked the waiter who this was. He said thats Roger Maris and Bill Stafford of the New Yok Yankees. My mother who knew nothing of baseball turned around and asked for their autographs. She asked them to make the autogrpahs out to my brother and I To this day it remains one of my prized possessions. Every Spring I as baseball starts I think fondly of the autograph and how I proudly showed it to all my friends and classmates. My dad who was a Dodger fan saw #42 play. He said he was a great ball player.For him to break the color line when he did was very inspiring. Times were very different then and the original movie  in black and white was wonderful. being a Yankee fan I am reminded about their catcher Elston Howard who was one of the first Yankees of color. This movie brings back many fond memories of baseball as a kid growing up