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Inconsistent posting of bonus points after check-in, how to follow-up?

Question asked by bmvaughn on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by yalebulldog99

So I've been staying at the Burbank Airport Marriott property pretty regularly this year - typically every other week. Every 2nd or 3rd stay the check-in clerk tells me that I've been picked as Guest of the Day and hands me a welcome envelope from the location manager and tells me that 5,000 points will be deposited in my account.


Maybe I'm just an impatient guy, but each time that I've been awarded this, I've never seen the points post within 5 days of completing my stay and each time I've had to reach out to Marriott via Twitter to figure out how to get them to post.


So should I be waiting longer? Following-up at check-in? Is there a better way to get these to reliably post? I stayed there last Wed-Fri and was given the same Guest of the Day packet - yet no bonus points have yet posted.


I feel so new to all of this, just not sure where to go - but those 5,000 points are worth something to me and I don't want to just ignore them.