Horner's 4 home runs in a loss

Discussion created by terere2 on Apr 8, 2013

Dale Murphy was the star of the 1980s Atlanta Braves but Bob Horner was the star-crossed power hitter of the team.  I attended college in Atlanta (go Jackets!) and was at a 1986 Braves game in which Bob Horner hit 4 home runs.  The Braves still lost!  While it is very rare for a single player to hit 4 homers in a game, it is exceedingly rare for that to happen in a loss.  As I recall, Murphy also homered in a game played at the old Atlanta-Fulton County stadium.  This was in the days when both the Braves and the Falcons were strangers to the playoffs.  Unfortunately, Horner had injury problems including an issue with the navicular bone in the hand.  One funny/sad TV commercial of the day had him in a lounge chair on the field reaching for a slice of pizza and crying out, 'Oh, my wrist!'  Thanks Pizza Hut.  Absent those injuries Bob Horner would have been a household name. 


I've been to many games in stadiums across the country but this was the most memorable loss.  The best win was a 2010 Giants/Marlins test when Torres hit a splash shot, a rookie Posey hit for his 21st consecutive game, and Brian Wilson closed out the game.  The G-men nearly squandered a huge lead but managed to win in extra innings.  That game had a bit of everything and foreshadowed the collective effort that would propel the Giants to their first championship in SF and keep fans on the edges of their seats.