Road Trip 2000

Discussion created by harryandlloyd'sboy on Apr 8, 2013

I have a very weird, yet wonderful family dynamic in that my parents are divorced, remarried to other people and all 4 of them get along, very well.  So in 2000 my father, step-father and I decided to hit the road and see some ballparks.

We flew from the San Francisco Bay Area to Boston on a Thursday.  On Friday we woke up and went to Fenway where we took a tour of the park, where I was outed as a Yankee fan and they still let me in the press box, walk the field, and sit in the dugout. That night we saw the Rangers and Red Sox at Fenway Park.  I had a true Fenway experience with a partially obstructed view due to a beam.  After the game enjoyed the nightlife around the park but could not stay out to late because the next morning we woke up and took a train to New York where we went to a day game at Yankee Stadium as the Angels took on the Yankees.  We missed a home run ball by Luis Sojo by about 10 seats to our left.  After a Yankee’s victory we got back on the train and continued south to Baltimore.  They next day, Sunday we headed over to Camden Yards and took in the Royals at the Orioles.  As we were examining all the great features of this newer park we stopped at the top of the right field wall and watched a little batting practice.  Just then a ball started sailing our way followed by the crack of the bat.  The ball had a chance to make it to us.  It was amazing.  The ball cleared the wall, hit the ground, then hit a flag pole and bounced right back toward me.  My dad cleared the lane and I jumped up and snagged the ball.  After the game we went to dinner and saw some of the Royal’s players and coaches at the table next to us including Jermaine Dye who homer during the game.  Monday morning we headed back to the Bay Area with a ball, a story, and a great road trip.