I almost caught it, but glad I didn't

Discussion created by hammari on Apr 8, 2013

I went to an Oakland A's game my senior year of high school or shortly thereafter.  We got cheap seats out in the right field bleachers.  The game was almost a no-hitter; Which means it was pretty boring up until the 6th inning when we gave up and started rooting for the opposing team's pitcher.  One single though and it went back to being boring.  I used to have this fedora hat that I wore all the time.  I turned to my buddy and did a reverse Babe Ruth.  I boldly pronounced I was going to catch the next ball in my hat.  I held it up by the brim with both hands right in front of me.  I thought I was just joking but the next pitch cracked off the bat and was headed directly my way.  And then it kept coming.  A gripped my hat just a little bit tighter.  The whole moment was kinda nerve-racking as I started facing the possibility that I might be discovering clairvoyant powers I was not familiar with.  We sighed a bit of relief when the outfielder caught it 20' in front of us.