Baseball Memory

Discussion created by lone6star on Apr 7, 2013

When my son was 10 years old we went to a Yankee baseball game at Yankee Stadium.  I remember the game very clearly even though another decade has since passed.  Prior to the game starting, we went to the sidelines to try and obtain autographs.  I remember Mariano Rivera coming to the sidelines.  We were three rows deep of fans waiting for an autograph.  He came over and just stood there.  I am sure he was overwhelmed with other fans just shoving balls and programs in his face.  I leaned over and said "would you please sign this ball for my son".  He leaned over and took my son's baseball and my pen and signed the baseball.  I believe he took my baseball because I was the only one who said "please"!  When I handed the autographed baseball over to my son, he was elated.  It was a moment that I (and I am sure my son) will never forget.  All his friends always asked him, "how did you get a ball signed by Mariano Rivera?".  As most of you may be aware, Mariano Rivera has become an oustanding baseball pitcher.  Though I am sure the ball is worth a lot of money now, my investment in being polite paid off as the look on my son's face when I gave him the autographed ball, is a memory I will never forget.