Bat Boy for a Day

Discussion created by jamesuschafer on Apr 7, 2013

One of my best memories of baseball is becoming a bat boy for a day during spring training in Arizona.   I was a young 8 year old with a fascination of all the great players.   In Arizona, we would come early for autographs and get many, some of stars and other of budding rookies.   On one particular day, a Cubs manager approached me and asked if I wanted to be the bat boy for the day.   It was a dream come true for a young man.  I even got a players bat for it, for which I still own!   But what I will remember is the dugout conversations between the players.   Some of it, uplifting, other parts of it, not.   It reminded me that the players were like the rest of us -- they had hopes and dreams and were not afraid to share them with each other -- even in the presence of a young bat boy guest.