Rain Game

Discussion created by leejul06 on Apr 7, 2013

The clouds grew gloomy over the overcast sky.  Rolling as we pulled up to the parking lot.  There was a buzz in the air, a seeming electricity flowing through the crowd as the home team had been on a 9 game winning streak.  Sunday's were my favorite days to go to the ballpark as those around us had gone to church that day.  Families here with kids and happy due to how our team was doing.  We got into the stadium to the roars of the crowd as home team got onto the field.  Yet the drizzle from the clouds gradually soaked the skies and the crowd left to the concessions.  But as the crowds left, I went up the dugout and the star slugger had found some cover and I got an elusive signature on my glove.  My very first autograph! As worsening storms crowded in, the game was cancelled but the day lived on for me.