My childhood baseball experience

Discussion created by csp on Apr 7, 2013

My childhood memories of baseball included  my grandparents. My grandfather was a die hard baseball fan, watched the games on TV religiously. Living in Chicago, he never drove, and rarely took public transportation. He walked everywhere he needed to get to, As a child I had to run just to keep up with him, and can remember him saying "pick up your feet" as I trailed behind him. In grade school our school districts gave out baseball tickets to a cubs or sox game for "perfect attendance" or straight A's.  I would get these tickets and then get to have a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa in the big city during the summer break. (We lived in the burbs.) I recall the conversation always with my mom and him of which game would they go to, and having my mother coordinate the weekends events.

He would grumble all the way to the game because he had at one point in the journey to the stadium have to take the bus or the train. But once he sat in his seat, he smiled from ear to ear.