A long lost high school friend over a baseball game

Discussion created by bmvaughn on Apr 8, 2013

In 2002 I was traveling with my University College Bowl team as they went from ROC to Manhattan, KS. I had never been to Kansas, this was a first for me. We flew from ROC-MSP-MCI and boarded a bus for Manhattan. After the festivities were over we had a free day in Kansas City before returning back to Rochester and we decided to take in a baseball game at Kauffmann Stadium. I couldn't tell you who the Royals played that day, I just knew it was exciting to experience a new ballpark. One of my lifelong dreams is to visit every ballpark, and Kansas City was high on the list for some reason. I think it was the outfield fence.


In the 4th or 5th inning, I decided to grab a hotdog. I exited our section and started along the concourse only to hear my last named shouted at me: "VAUGHN!!". I figured it was a buddy on the College Bowl team so I paid no attention. A couple of seconds later I heard the same person call out to me. I turned around and working the Dippin' Dots cart was none other than my high school pal Dave. Dave and I had wrestled together back home in Seattle many years before. We briefly chatted about our hometown and about why I was in Kansas City. I never got to ask him why he was there, but he mentioned a few times how much he loved baseball. Baseball brought he and I back together, if only for a few minutes. That memory sticks with me vividly, over a decade later... I should really look up Dave, maybe we can catch a game in a new ballpark together.