42 Story: Jackie Robinson and Overcoming Adversity

Discussion created by joe.isenberg on Apr 7, 2013

In preparation for the Taxas Assesssment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) in 2010 my students read a story about Jackie Robinson. They, as well as I, were shocked to read how Jackei was booed at, called names and even had people throw things at him and spit at him. His endurance of the anglo attitudes of the period is a true demonstration of overcoming adversity. Truthfully, I am not a baseball fan. In each of the two games I have attended in my life unattended children have managed to run behind my seat and knock over my drinks. The game lasts too long and I simply do not understand it. But... I do believe I would have enjoyed watching Jackie Robinson play-even without understanding the game. Thank goodness our society has evolved somewhat since Jackie's first game!