baseball in the summer

Discussion created by lynandtodd on Apr 7, 2013

We spent our summers playing at local parks around the state. One son and one daughter playing on different teams and in different leagues.  Our daughter stands in the outfield because she is really here only for the social aspects, all the girls her age are on this team and they have a great time - car rides to and from the games, sitting on the sidelines waiting for the team to be up and sometimes actually getting up at bat and actually hitting the ball.  Some of her girlfriends are much better players than she is, but that does not dismay her.  We have a great picture taken by the local paper that shows her standing in the outfield actually looking up at the sky.  Needless to say, that is why she was in the outfield.  She has gone on from summer softball but we still remember those warm days and the camaraderie of the game.