42Story - Baseball Game With My Dad After A Travel Cancelation

Discussion created by dukewanderer on Apr 7, 2013

Its a funny story to remember 30 years later, but my dad who passed away a few years ago was planning to take me to the airport (I was age 12 at the time) to go to California by myself to visit a business associate of his and his family who had invited me after we had met on anohter buisness trip with my dad earlier that year.   That trip at that time had to cancel, and we had to go to the airport to change the ticket (This was 1978, it was easier that way).  After the ticket change we went to see the Phillies play the Dodgers in a day game on a Sunday.  My dad took me to a few games a year, but for some reason this one stuck out in my memory since it was after a trip cancelation.  I can remember who won or loss, but the strange memory I had from the day was that they had a radio controlled airplane show on the field at Veterans Stadium in Philly.   Until I saw this 42 Story, I had not thought of this memory in years, so it was a nice reminder of a happy memory with my dad.