On The Road With Baseball

Discussion created by runmorganrun on Apr 7, 2013

My current position as an ITSM consultant requires that I am on the road a good portion of the year. As anyone who has a high volume of travel knows, finding activities to break up the week can sometimes

be a challenge and a welcome release. My son who is now in college, got interested in baseball when I started taking him to White Sox games (Us Cellular field) when he was about 5 years old. Over the years he started

asking me to take him to other parks to see other teams play in their home environment. We started by expanding out to other parks that we could drive to like Wrigley for the Cubs, up to Milwaukee for the Brewers, down

to St. Louis for the Cardinals and over to Minneapolis for the Twins. As I mentioned my travels have also allowed me to take in many games while on the road, and we have turned that into a quest to visit all the Major league

ball parks. He unfortunately has not been able to see them all with me but he and my daughter have taken to checking as many off our lists together as my and their schedule allows. We have some great memories of games

attended together, especially local White Sox events like family field day and Dog Days (we bring our pups to the game) and they look forward to bring their own children some day.