Discussion created by mish916 on Apr 7, 2013

     My wife’s cousin Joy had to travel to Chicago several years ago.  She boarded the plane in order to make her return trip back to California.   While she was sitting in her seat she heard that a famous baseball player had boarded the plane.   She vaguely remembered the name of that player and was sure her father had spoken to her about the player over the years.   She pulled out her cell phone and called home to speak to her dad.   She told him that  Minnie Minosa was on the plane and she was calling to find out if this older former baseball player was one of the people who her great grandfather knew from his career as a baseball player.

   Here dad told her yes.  Her great grandfather was a friend of Minnie Minosa.  As a matter of fact whenever Minnie played baseball at Yankee Stadium her great grandfather would send his nephew with her father to pick up Minnie after the games so that they could have dinner together, and talk to him at home in the Bronx.   Her dad told her to get a message to Mr. Minnie Minosa and tell him that she was the great granddaughter of Javiar Perez.

    Joy went up to him and asked him whether he remembered Javiar Perez.   Minnie thought for a moment and then said no.  Joy went back to her seat, sad.   She called her dad again and he told her to mention that he, her father, was Danielito from the Bronx.   This time joy saw one of Mr. Minosa’s  staff people, she stopped him and asked him to give Mr. Minosa a message,    “That Danielito, the son of Javiar Perez, says hello.”      Once Mr. Minosa got that message he remembered that Daniel was the son of his friend and fellow Cuban baseball player Javiar Perez.     Mr. Minosa sent Joy a hat that was specially made to celebrate his 50th year of playing baseball and sent his business card so that her father could contact him in the future.   The last time I visited Daniel in California he showed me the hat that Mr. Minosa had given to his daughter and she had given to her dad.