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Discussion created by mish916 on Apr 6, 2013

  Over the years my wife would speak about her grandfather a Cuban Baseball player who played baseball all over the world.

She tells me that her grandfather and grandmother met when as a young man he went to play baseball in Mexico.  Her grandmother was working in a store and when this tall man walked in to purchase some goods.  he was a tall man and saw that she could practically look across the counter into his eyes.  Well he took a liking to her and visited the store a few times before he gathered the courage to ask her out on a date.  He was surprised, that when she stepped from behind the counter she was just shy of 5 feet.  He I was told was 6 feet tall.      They dated married and had 5 children; one of the children of course turned out to be my wifes mother.    I heard this story and others about how he travelled the world playing 3rd base in Venezuela, Japan, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico and in the United States in the American Negro Leagues.    In the Negro Leagues he was called "Blue"  because he was so dark that he looked blue; his family called him Javiar.

     By the time I met and married my wife he was long gone and so I did not have the pleasure of meeting him.  My wifes aunt also spoke about her dad.  She spoke about her dad, Blue, having some of his baseball buddies over to the house for dinner.  She mentioned several but I can only remember two Minnie Minosa and Dihigo.

    I had listened to the stories about my wifes dad and put them into the back of my mind for future reference.   One day when I visited a book store, I was doing my normal browsing which consisted of browsing the  literature, history and childrens sections of the book store; this time I decided to look in the Sports section of the store.  To my great surprise I spotted a book called the Autobiographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Leagues.   I picked up the book went right to the index and looked up the name "Blue".    I did not find any reference to blue, then I remembered that my wifes grandfathers name was Javiar and the last name was Perez.   I looked up the name and there it was a quarter of a page of information on Javiar Perez "Blue" .   Turns out that the article mentioned him playing the hot corner, 3rd base, and he being a consistant player. the article even tells the story of how Blue charged the pitcher once because he tried to hit him with the ball.   It listed a few of the countries he played in although the list should have been longer; not all of the countries he had played in were listed..   I bought the book and took it to my inlaws house and got the pleasure of reading the official record of my wifes grandfathers Baseball career from a book.     It was exiting to share the information with my wifes family.