Fool me twice

Discussion created by agentman007 on Apr 6, 2013

I have always loved going to see minor league baseball games. It's a more intimate experience, and I like getting to know the up-and-coming stars. I spent a lot of time in my youth in Providence, Rhode Island watching the Pawtucket Red Sox. Now, I wouldn't normally watch batting practice at a PawSox game, but for some reason one time I did. And what happened that time is something I will never forget. A foul ball into the left field grandstand went right to a guy WEARING A BASEBALL GLOVE and standing with his kid. The guy put his glove out and the ball went right in and out then fell out of the grandstand. His kid first looked disappointed that he wouldn't be going home with a ball, but then shocked as the other fans booed his dad for his awful botched catch. Then--I kid you not--a couple pitches later, another foul ball was hit right THE SAME GUY (a chance from the gods for redemption in front of his son!) but HE DROPPED THE CATCH AGAIN. Without hesitation he grabbed his son and they both hurried out of the section through an almost violent chorus of boos. I'm not sure if they went and watched the game from another section or if they actually left the park, but they didn't return to those seats for the entire game.